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    The Weight

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    The Weight (Live)

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    Thankful For The Rain

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    Ride The Night Away (Live)

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    You Cant Make Love Without A Soul (Live)

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    Working Class Man (Live)

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    We Could Be Gone

  8. hqdefault-36

    Too Much Aint Enough Love

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    Sweat It Out

  10. hqdefault-34

    Still On Your Side

  11. hqdefault-33

    Still Got A Long Way To Go (Live)

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    Stand Up

  13. hqdefault-31

    Love Thing

  14. hqdefault-30

    Love and Hate

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    Little Darling (Live)

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    Little Darling

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    Love Me Tender

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    Love Is Enough

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    Promise Me You’ll Call

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    Jimmy Barnes and Tim Rogers – Out Of Time

  21. hqdefault-23

    Jimmy and Mahalia Barnes – Gonna Take Some Time

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    Still Got A Long Way To Go

  23. hqdefault-21

    Out In The Blue

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    Lover Lover

  25. hqdefault-19

    When Your Love Is Gone

  26. hqdefault-18

    Stone Cold

  27. hqdefault-17

    Come Undone

  28. hqdefault-16

    Change Of Heart

  29. hqdefault-15

    Blue Hotel

  30. hqdefault-14

    (Simply) The Best

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    Working Class Man

  32. hqdefault-12

    Driving Wheels

  33. hqdefault-11

    Lay Down Your Guns

  34. hqdefault-10

    Lets Make It Last All Night

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    Stone Cold (Live)

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    Love Me Tender

  37. hqdefault-7

    When A Man Loves A Woman

  38. hqdefault-6

    Ride The Night Away

  39. hqdefault-5

    Id Die To Be With You Tonight

  40. hqdefault-4

    When Something Is Wrong With My Baby

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    Rage and Ruin EPK

  43. hqdefault-3

    Hallelujah (I Love Her So)

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    God or Money