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To the un-informed, the story of shortbread begins with the medieval “biscuit bread”. Any leftover dough from bread making was dried out in a low oven until it hardened into a type of rusk: the word “biscuit” means “twice cooked”. Gradually the yeast in the bread was replaced by butter, and biscuit bread developed into shortbread.

Shortbread was an expensive luxury and for ordinary people, shortbread was a special treat reserved just for special occasions such as weddings, Christmas and New Year.

The Barnes family shortbread has been produced to the traditional Barnes family recipe, proudly made in Australia from all Australian ingredients.

Each specially designed commemorative tin comes with 3 layers of lovingly baked Barnes shortbread.

These tins are very limited and available exclusively from:

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Makes the perfect Christmas gift.

“It’s an old family recipe. It is delicious and what better way to tartan up your Christmas.”  – Jimmy Barnes

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